The Procrastination Solution

About the Workshop

This unique workshop guides you in changing your procrastination habits while addressing their underlying purposes.

The workshop includes:

  • Informative lecture
  • Guided Imagery
  • Discussions and brainstorming
  • Small group work
  • Writing exercises
  • Optional journal writing
  • Coaching
  • Between-class application of what you are learning

Using the insights and information gained through these techniques, you will develop an individualized set of steps that you can follow during the week. What you do with these steps (whether you follow some, all, or even none of these steps) will form a valuable foundation for the next meeting.

With the instructor’s experienced assistance, you will be guided in designing for yourself a new and more effective way of accomplishing what you need and want, allowing more enjoyment and satisfaction in your life.


Did The Class Meet Your Expectations?

"Yes. New insights provided."

"Yes. It gave me positive ways of changing my habits. The instructor was excellent for this course. The class members were friendly and sympathetic."

"Yes. He helped me to think about ways to change my patterns of thinking. Introduced me to visualization as a technique to help change behavior and thought. Instructor very organized. Had ability to relate well with each individual. Very caring. Gave great suggestions for literature in response to questions."

"Yes. The information allowed me to turn a negative into a positive or at least a different perspective!"

"Yes. Sort of helped me to stop procrastinating( I'm turning this form in as evidence of improvement)."

"First lecture was great! -Most definitely. It has given me a new perspective and shown me how good life can be. The course gave me ideas I could think about and use, and also used the students ideas. The course instructor was very knowledgeable and empathic with regards to psychology and behavior. He is in my opinion a valuable asset to the adult education program."

"Yes, I think it actually exceeded my expectations. I think Barry is an incredibly competent and compassionate teacher. I think he set the tone for the class and invited interaction and sharing-but was also able to maintain direction and focus. This was an incredible course and I thank Barry for his incredible sensitivity, compassion and good humor as both a human being and instructor-Thank You!"

"It more than met my needs and expectations. I particularly liked the way that Barry made it very easy for each of us to discuss our individual difficulties with procrastination. I will certainly try Barry's emphasis on keeping a journal. I know that this has helped me a great deal."

"Yes. It was great. Got down to the real nitty- gritty. Class was intimate.( Got to know others) Very good instructor."

Discover your procrastination solution.

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