The Procrastination Solution

About the Instructor: Barry Kesselman, M.Ed., LMHC,

is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 1988. Also a knowledgeable instructor, for over twenty years he has taught workshops in the Boston area — Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Lexington, and Watertown — successfully helping hundreds of people free themselves of procrastination habits.

photo - Barry Kesselman He has additionally volunteered his professional services in community-related activities: for six and a half years, serving at Community Legal Services and Counseling Center in Cambridge Massachusetts; for four years, facilitating a support group for new fathers at the Parent Connection in Arlington, Massachusetts; and for two years, serving in crisis intervention hotline work at Project Place in Boston.

His office is at Watertown Square: 22 Mount Auburn St., Suite 2, Watertown, MA 02472.

About the Psychotherapy Practice

My Approach to Helping People

Every psychotherapy relationship is unique, crafted by my client's needs, strengths, goals, and the pain or frustration that brings them to my office. For over twenty years I have worked with adults facing depression, anxiety, the effects of traumatic experiences; going through relationship issues, life transitions; feeling grief, loss.

quotemarkI use my skills to help people make their lives work well for them. quotemark

I work with individuals and with couples looking for changes, helping them to figure out where to start and guiding them through the transformations. Difficult experiences bring new possibilities. My approach is friendly and down to earth. You will feel heard and understood. My work is based in developmental psychology and cognitive, behavioral,and experiential psychotherapy, including EMDR and Focusing.

I use a mix of strategies to lessen the impact of difficult emotions, to explore how the past affects current problems, and how changes in behavior alter one's experience. Every session is a collaborative process between my client and me. I use my skills to help people make their lives work well for them.