The Procrastination Solution

Discover Your Procrastination Solution

In this unique workshop you’ll learn simple strategies to enable you to apply proven, pragmatic methods drawn from the instructor’s experience helping hundreds of people free themselves from procrastination.

You've done the time-management and the motivational classes, bought the self-help books, and gleaned the general-wisdom advice from friends, family, and others about setting goals and fighting procrastination. You still haven’t been able to change the frustrating habit of procrastination.

How Procrastination Works

People procrastinate over simple, mundane activities as well as activities that are challenging and deeply important. Procrastination is a worn-out habit that attempts to reduce some level of discomfort. This habit is partially successful — which accounts for its enduring yet frustrating nature. Procrastination is difficult to change on your own or even in the setting of time management classes, which usually fail to address the underlying meaning and purpose of procrastination.

How The Procrastination Solution Works

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